Growing up in Southland, I was exposed to building at a very young age. My great-grandfather, poppa and father were all qualified carpenters. I was bought up on stories of how of they would design the houses, then have them drawn on a blueprint. Working with the most basic of sketches with very minimal measurements!
Back then, the builder would be involved in every aspect of the build from the foundations through to the key turning the lock for the first time. They did everything on site including framing up to mixing plaster. It was all very detailed work and I loved hearing how they were able to adapt to whatever was thrown your way at any given time.
“This attention to detail and practical problem solving is what we thrive on today. I pride myself on being detail focused, figuring out complex situations and delivering solutions for my customers”
I completed my building apprenticeship in 2005 and in 2006 I moved to Australia, gaining more, valuable experience. My no nonsense, practical approach saw me teaching carpenters and builders they didn’t need to outsource all minor aspects of a build.
Returning to NZ in 2007, I started H&H Builders because I wanted to have the Hattrill name and craft attached to my jobs. I enjoy getting to know my clients stories, history and how that can be worked into their build.